Wilmington, DE

This card was sent by Bob to his mother in 1950. The message reads simply “having a lovely time”. A year later, he sent a nearly identical one. This time: “having an ace time on Dupont bowling trip”. Note the penthouse that was added to the building. On the one hand, it is possible that it was added during 1950. On the other hand, it is possible that the first card just airbrushed it away.

1950 would have been a prosperous year for the company, I think. Some combination of Mylar, Dacron, Orlon and Lycra would have been in the pipeline. Hosting a company-wide bowling tournament would have been no big deal, especially when you own the hotel and it’s in the same building as your corporate headquarters.

Given that one of these cards is postmarked from Pennsylvania and Bob elsewhere refers to driving here, I think he was based at the one of the satellite offices. And although there is no direct evidence for this, I suspect he was a pretty good bowler.

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