Port Jervis, NY

Just above the bend in the river is where three states meet (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York), which has always given this place outsized importance, with each state building lookouts from which to view the other two. I can’t say I’ve come across the surname Brox anywhere but here. I wonder if it is related to Bronx, which itself is an alteration of Bronck’s, as in “the land belonging to Bronck”.

New York, NY

I had the pleasure of visiting Grant’s Tomb on President’s Day, 2019, one of a few days each year where they bring in a Ulysses S. Grant impersonator. Or maybe I should say the Ulysses S. Grant impersonator – how many can there be? Also notable is that the small trees shown here are now so tall that I don’t recall being able to see the GW Bridge, or even the river, for that matter.