Houston, TX

I was not able to learn the significance of the word blockade on this card – search for “cotton blockade” and you either find Civil War references or links to this 1909 postcard.

The message on the back reads:

Dear Dick:

How is the old boy now? And how’s that old fusser G. Talbot? I’ve been switched around so much lately that I hardly know where I’m at. I just finished a trip in So. Tex. and now make a jump across La. into Arkansas. I have been shifted from boll weevil work and now am working on rice insect investigations with headquarters at Crowley La. I like this work better than b.w. for you are thrown in with a more progressive and intelligent set of farmers. I met Hemenway of Northampton in Beaumont last Monday. Say Dick would a list of the addresses of our class members inconvenience you too much. Let me know the news if there is any. I haven’t heard a word from anybody for ages. Best regards to you and G.T. from “Ich bin”.

Location unknown, Florida

Touring orange groves by train, on foot, or by automobile used to be a very popular attraction, judging by the number of postcards on the subject. I have been visiting my in-laws in Florida for over 25 years now and the idea has never come up once, evidence, I think, of how we have lost connection with where our food comes from.