Albany, NY

The way it was explained to me, part of the reason for this building’s size and shape was to completely cut off the grand Episcopal Cathedral of All Saints that is tucked tightly behind it, in ultimately a Catholic versus Protestant squabble. I learned that on my tour of the Cathedral. When I took a tour of this building, the story never came up.

Albany, NY

On Inauguration Day, the New York State Capitol drew precisely one protestor, waving a Trump flag from near the base of these stairs. There were actually a few others, but they ended up at Capital Building Supply up on Central Avenue.

Tijuana, Mexico

It’s been said that human figures are the hardest to render on colorized postcards. Here is a case in point. The border guards aren’t too bad, but the waving stick figure in red should have been sent back for additional retouching.

The brown border at left, incidentally, is not a stain from being glued into an album for a century, it is a shadow. Back in 2017 when I took this photo I was oblivious to the problem; these days I take my photos outside on gray days as much as possible.

Dunkirk, NY

The list of “notable” people from Dunkirk, New York according to Wikipedia is a somewhat sad commentary on what it means to be notable. Being a minor league baseball player counts for a lot; a doctor or scientist, not at all. For music fans in the audience I suppose I’ll mention that this is the hometown of Grasshopper from Mercury Rev and half of the original Megadeath lineup.