St. Catharines, ON

Concrete roadways used to be a pretty big deal. They can last for 40 years, versus 10 for asphalt. In the long run that makes them cheaper, but governments tend not to like 40-year time horizons, so you do not see many these days. Where I live, there is a concrete road that sees very little traffic that is about a century old. It has a few rough spots but is still quite drivable.

Tijuana, Mexico

It’s been said that human figures are the hardest to render on colorized postcards. Here is a case in point. The border guards aren’t too bad, but the waving stick figure in red should have been sent back for additional retouching.

The brown border at left, incidentally, is not a stain from being glued into an album for a century, it is a shadow. Back in 2017 when I took this photo I was oblivious to the problem; these days I take my photos outside on gray days as much as possible.