Bemus Point, NY

I had to pause the blog for a bit because I was moving, from Great Diamond Island to Camden, Maine. It seems I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over the years, so this became an all-consuming endeavor. Now that I’m settled into my new home, posts here should resume their regularity. In three weeks I still haven’t located the box containing my postcards, though.

Don’t worry, we’ll learn more about Bemus Point in the weeks and months ahead.

Portland, ME

I have been a Portland resident for nearly two years now, and I am embarrassed to say that I have yet to visit the Deering Oaks duck house. I really haven’t explored much of Portland at all. Mostly it’s because I live on an island two miles off the mainland, and then there’s pandemic, obviously. The duck house was scheduled to be rehabilitated in early 2020 but I have a feeling that was scuttled.

Chautauqua Lake, New York

I have always been puzzled by the number of Native American names that survived. It doesn’t seem like something the American colonists would have desired or even cared about much. The Brits had renamed everything in Ireland, for example. This lake’s name, with its nice triple repeat of the letters au, comes from the now-extinct Erie language. Because the language was eradicated before it could be documented, the meaning is unknown, but two longstanding folk traditions are ‘bag tied in the middle’ and ‘place where fish are taken out'” (source)