Albany, NY

This is still a dormitory building, but I don’t know what gender. The college is now known as the University at Albany (at, not of, which took some getting used to). When it was known as the New York State College for Teachers the team nickname was the Pedagogues, which is a lot more memorable than its replacement, the Great Danes.

Marion, MA

This school is still open and has changed little from this 80+ year old view. In fact, here is a link to the current school lunch menu, this week featuring franks and beans.

In Italiano: La scuola tuttora è aperta e ha cambiato pochino in una ottantina d’anni. Infatti, c’è un link al menù per pranzo, questa settimana dotato di hot dog e fagioli.

Fredonia, NY

Today’s post is a small reminder of a time when we took greater pride in public infrastructure. Fredonia’s high school was a big enough deal that you’d send colorized photos of it through the mail. The schools I attended in the 1970s and 80s never appeared on postcards, to the best of my recollection.