Albuquerque, NM

This church from the 1700s is at the center of what is now Albuquerque’s most popular tourist area. When I visited in 2017, I heard the most wonderful traditional Spanish-language street music here. I could have stayed all afternoon, but the group I was with needed to move along.

Camp Curry, Yosemite National Park

I thought I was working through a packet of waterfall postcards, but here is a fall not of water but of fire. Burning embers were pushed off a cliff at 9:00 nightly during the summer, the capstone of a pageant that took place in the camp below. It took place from 1872 to 1968, interrupted by business failures, war, and environmental concerns. It was halted for good during the Nixon administration. The director of the National Park Service at the time said the spectacle was as appropriate as horns on a rabbit.

This card was mailed in July, 1930 from someone named Lollis to her Aunt Nellie in New York City. I can’t say I’ve heard this name before, but an internet search reveals some examples. Lollis described the sight as beautiful.

Location unknown, US

Where I live there are a lot of semi-wild apple trees. Many were planted before 1945, when this was part of an army base. Some have never been pruned and are now incredibly high. The apples on these trees tend to be very small, with thick skins. Perhaps good for cider, but I think I’ll save that for next fall. Instead I’m making applesauce with the larger apples from the shorter trees, over a gallon so far.

In italiano:

Dove abito ci sono molti meli selvatici. La maggior parte furono piantati prima del 1945, quando era un forte militare. Ce ne sono alcuni che non sono mai stati potati e adesso sono incredibilmente alti. Le mele tendono ad essere molte piccole, con bucce spesse. Forse sono buone per il sidro, ma posporrò farlo fino all’autunno prossimo. Invece sto facendo una salsa di mele con le mele più grandi dagli alberi più corti. Ho fatto più di un gallone finora.