New York, NY

A mere two winters ago I was running in Central Park almost daily. My wife had a short-term assignment at Lenox Hill Hospital and we lived in a tiny studio on the Upper West Side. At 5:30 we would meet near the John Lennon memorial, each day a little less dark than the one before.

Fredonia, NY

2021 is supposed to be the fourth and final year of an improvement project here that was to include a decorative perimeter fence, landscaping, replacement of walkways, and updates to the lighting fixtures and two water fountains (one pictured). I wonder how it’s coming along.

Albany, NY

This statue of Moses remains a prominent feature in Albany’s Washington Park. I found an 1893 New York Times review that gushed over its authentic use of a middle-aged Hebrew man as a model.

Rochester, NY

Here is what the Ellison Park web page has to say about its disc golf course: “If you’ve never played before, there’s never been a better time to get out and learn.” I respectfully disagree – I think that a January evening during a pandemic is one of the worst possible times to learn.

Portland, ME

I have been a Portland resident for nearly two years now, and I am embarrassed to say that I have yet to visit the Deering Oaks duck house. I really haven’t explored much of Portland at all. Mostly it’s because I live on an island two miles off the mainland, and then there’s pandemic, obviously. The duck house was scheduled to be rehabilitated in early 2020 but I have a feeling that was scuttled.