Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I get a postcard?

A: Sure. Just send me a note at

Q: You’ve been sending these out for a few years now. Haven’t you run out yet?

A: I get pretty close, but then I pick up a few more.

Q: What’s with all the waterfalls?

A: I am in the middle of sending out 150 postcards of waterfalls to 150 different people in 150 days. I got a good deal on the whole lot.

Q: Wouldn’t it be easier to post these to Instagram?

A: That’s what I did for a few years (@fpbpostcards), but I just can’t get over the fact that it’s impossible to post a vertically formatted postcard without cropping. Plus this site just looks better, don’t you think?

Q: You can’t answer an FAQ with another question.

A: Sorry about that.