Hanging Rock, Madison, IN

Apparently this is only a waterfall after a rain. While not obvious from this view, it is possible to pull off the road and drive behind the falls. You can’t drive under them because there is a walled-off catch basin in the way – the water has to go somewhere.

In Italiano:

Sembra che questa cascata sia una cascata sola dopo un acquazzone. Non è ovvia nella vista, ma è possibile togliere dalla strada e guidare dietro l’acqua. Non è possibile guidare sotto l’acqua perché c’è un pozzetto circondato da un parete.

Chain Mills Falls, Madison, IN

Nothing against Madison, Indiana, but the original recipient of this card is more intriguing: Mister Jimmy Lynch in care of the Consolidated Slipper Company, Malone, New York. A cursory search for the Consolidated Slipper Company reveals only a handful of obituaries for folks who worked there and a few old patents and newspaper ads. The Internet is not good at everything. I imagine a brutal slipper price war, perhaps tied to the Panic of 1907, that led to a Mr. Potter-like character buying everyone else out.