Punch Bowl Falls, near Bonneville, OR

In the course of sending out these waterfall postcards, I learned that there is a waterfall typology, though it seems to have been developed and maintained by amateurs rather than professional geographers or geologists. Among the categories are plunges, horsetails, cataracts, multi-steps, blocks, cascades, and fans. And punchbowls, of which this one is considered the archetype.

Multnomah Falls, Cascade Locks, OR

I sent a card of Multnomah Falls to a record-shop owner I know in Portland, both because it’s his home state and because the caption on the back contains the very band-name-like phrase “The Smashing Leap”. The full sentence:

“It has many falls along its picturesque course and the climax of its dashing is the smashing leap it makes for union with the Columbia”.